The incredible 1948 Australian tour to England

Certainly Australia has one of the most powerful national cricket teams in the world. You can visit the popular bd betting site if you want to wager on all its matches. One of the most important rivalries of this squad is held with the English national side. For this reason, whenever those teams face each other, there are some huge expectations. In 1948, the Australians made a tour to England to play a total of 34 matches in a period of 144 days. Incredibly, the visiting team didn’t lose a single match. In total, they obtained 25 victories and 9 draws. The popular betting site 1xBet bd awaits for all punters who want to wager on all matches that face Australia and England.

The Invincibles

Many people think that the Australian national side of 1948 is one of the best cricket squads ever. There were some incredible names that were part of that team. Don Bradman was their captain, and he is a character that needs no introduction. Whenever other legendary players participate in cricket games, you can go to 1xBet - visit cricket betting site in Bangladesh to make all kinds of wagers. Obviously, Bradman was not the only fantastic player that was part of this team. Other players that composed it were: Arthur Morris; Lindsay Hassett; Neil Harvey; Sid Barnes; Ray Lindwall; and Bill Johnston. All of them displayed some formidable matches during this tour. In total, out of the 34 matches that Australia played during this tour, 31 of them were first-class, and they managed to win 23 of them and draw the remaining 8. If you visit the cricket betting site 1xBet Bangladesh, you will be able to wager in all the different cricket variations that exist.

A farewell tour

For the legendary Don Bradman this tour was very special. This was the fifth time that he toured England, and as he announced, it would be his last. Despite the rivalry between England and Australia, the home fans gave a very warm welcome to the visiting team and to Bradman himself. If you want to make live wagers on plenty of cricket teams, you can go to - cricket bet live is available for all members. Many Test matches were also played between Australia and England. In fact, many of those matches broke the record of the largest number of spectators who went to a stadium to witness a cricket game. Thanks to the incredible performance of these teams, and also for being the last tour of Don Bradman, more than 158 thousand spectators watched one of the Test matches. A live cricket bet can be made at 1xBet on all matches played by both the Australian and English national cricket teams.